June 13 - 14, 2016
Florence, Italy
The Italian most eclectic conference about management strikes back with a new, workshop-centred format!
This year, Better Software, will consist of 2 / 4 / 6 hours “work” sessions where all the participants can play, experiment, try real scenarios simulations and, primarily, learn in a relaxed and positive way.
Better Software has a wide range of topics related to the management of management innovation. It targets business owners and managers and it is a great opportunity to build up relationships with new customers and partners.
All the workshops share the same format: long, hands-on “work” sessions with a very practical approach. The participants will learn by doing, in a real-world scenario simulations.
The speakers are experts on agile design, organization, user experience and all that disciplines contributing to the vision of an innovative and successful project.
Frontend: riorganizzare (di nuovo) il caos
Marco Zampetti
Alberto Brandolini
Product Acceleration Track (Full day)
Giulio Roggero
Platform Design / Disruptive Economy
Andrea Provaglio
Costruire metriche decisionali utili con i dati social
Andrea Perlato
How can metrics help in improving our effectiveness?
Gaetano Mazzanti
Lean Product Definition Workshop
Francesco Fullone
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Hotel Mediterraneo | Florence | Italy
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