in Italiano, Room 1 on 14 - June - 2016
Scaling Agile to Project Portfolios – optimize and automate agile across your teams
by Marco Pazzanese (Italia), Herzum, LinkedIn,
Tags: Project Management, Lean & Agile

This thought-provoking, pragmatic, demo-based talk will address the key practices and success factors of scaling the Agile practices to managements and collaboration across teams and across projects, in the context of the latest 3rd generation agile methodologies. Our team is helping customers around the world to optimize, to automate, and to scale Agile to multiple teams, across the management of portfolio of projects, and across multiple collaborating IT and business teams.

The Agile Project Portfolio practices will cover the whole lifecycle, including how they translate into optimized DevOps, and will be presented within the context of a scalable agile framework, and will be illustrated using the best-in-class Atlassian tools.

Talk Level: suitable for all levels, but most interesting for managers looking for state of the art management practices

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