in Italiano, Room 2 on 13 - June - 2016
Leading in Complexity
Tags: Lean & Agile, Service Design, Project Management

"Scrum without self-organization and empowerment is […] an iterative, incremental death march" writes Ken Schwaber back in 2011. We can say that the same applies to Agile and to all kinds of knowledge-based organizations in general.

Now, self-organization and empowerment are just the counterparts of Agile leadership — one simply cannot exist without the other.

But what is the nature of Agile leadership? How is it different from other approaches? Or, even better, is there only one way of leading in Agile (such as the oft-mentioned servant leadership) or things are more contextual and complex?

Complexity thinking is one of the approaches that we'll take to explore the meaning of leadership and of some of its facets. But we'll also touch on the ethics of leadership for teams, for leaders, for coaches and for change agents in general because, when it comes to influencing others, questioning the foundations of that kind of relationship is critical.

By attending this interactive, experiential workshop you'll get a multidimensional perspective on the art and practice of leading, which will help you create a healthy ecosystem where purpose, autonomy, participation and clarity become part of your cultural DNA.

About The Speaker

Strategic IT Professional, Agile Transformation Coach, Public Speaker, Trainer

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