in Italiano, Room 2 on 14 - June - 2016
How can metrics help in improving our effectiveness?
Tags: Business Models

This workshop will provide attendees with hands on experience on measuring, understanding and making the most of metrics both in terms of effectiveness and improving teams processes.

We will mix theory and practice drawing also from attendees experience. We will look at how a Service Oriented Mindset leads to Service Oriented Metrics.

We will discuss the pitfalls of typical metrics like velocity and we will look, using practical examples, at alternatives that will help us in improving effectiveness. These include lead time, throughput, WIP, batch size, slack, etc. and their relationships.

Be warned though that “not everything that counts can be counted” (Bruce Cameron)

Learning Objectives

Understand what are metrics good for.
Differentiate between Local and end-to-end metrics.
Differentiate between Process Improvement vs Customer Oriented metrics.
Understand Pitfalls of Velocity and Velocity related charts, goals, KPIs.
Learn to measure and draw charts based on hand-on exercises.

About The Speaker

Senior Agile Coach at agile42, Senior Consultant at Gama-Tech

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