Who is behind the scenes?

A team of five who want to bring innovative topics in the field of management and business organization.

Management Board

After four years, in 2013 Develer stepped down. Since then, a team of 5 entrepreneurs is in command: they radicalized the event, bringing it to be the Italian landmark in management innovation.


The Better Software team consists now of five professionals with very different experiences, united by the previous team working in the previous editions of the conference:

  • Alberto Brandolini: Strategic Consultant and Trainer with his Avanscoperta, speaker at national and international conferences, he loves to find solutions to the problems of companies - Follow @ziobrando
  • Francesco Fullone: CEO of Ideato, one of the most famous Italian web company. Entrepreneur, conference organizer (including JSDay, phpDay, KerningConf), StartUp Mentor - Follow @fullo
  • Francesco Pallanti: Founder of WeLikeCRM, company dedicated to Social Business Intelligence, and Chorally, software dedicated to enterprise customer care innovation, Francesco gave birth to Better Software in 2009 with Develer, and organized conferences with QtDay, Pycon Italy, Better Embedded and EuroPython - Follow @BlackMouseLAB
  • Matteo Papadopoulos: designer fond of responsive, technical director at Cantiere Creativo, italian web company - Follow @spleenteo
  • Giovanni Puliti: project manager, Agile coach, director of Mokabyte, historical online magazine dedicated to Java - Follow @giovannipuliti


Because we do believe that a better vision could improve Italian entrepreneurship, and we want to engage people to disseminate methods and concepts that are already a reality abroad, letting people know the best practices from companies that are already going on that direction.

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