Some new jobs' frightening rewards

Some new job offers feature a very "appealing" rewards section. Landing them should make you happy... However I heard of people disturbed by a recurring nightmare: after one year spent trying to fool the system to get the reward, they face a pitiless boss showing them an obscure metric on a never-seen-before spreadsheet, filled with dark red figures up to row n. 1485. With those precise, sharp figures the boss scratches them, finally knocking them out with a merciless judgement that will never improve the quality of their work.
Suddently, they wake up... Although it was just a nightmare, it seemed so real.
Telling a fictional story, we discover how traditional management's performance measurement and rewards systems can be harmful for kwnowldege work industry and its people. Then, we explore an healthy alternative approach from Management 3.0: Metrics Ecosystem.






30 minutes


Non available yet.

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