Scrumban - A methodology Fusion

In this talk I will describe the use, in a real context, of Kanban and Scrum agile methodologies combined with some practices of Extreme Programming. In the scenery of the agile methodologies, Scrum has certainly gained a position of clear dominance in terms of adoption and obtained successes.

This remarkable result is undoubtedly due to its peculiarities to know how to answer to the agile's values and principles in a revolutionary way, and of fostering a very pragmatic approach. Moreover, its characteristic of not being prescriptive with regard to technological aspects, allows a Scrum team to integrate eXtreme Programming practices to agile skills with a great success through their gradual introduction.

As also shown and described in my article "Lean Agile Adoption - an enterprise-war story" Scrum can scale to enterprise-level and can be used to guide the transformation process itself of a company into an agile one. Our real-world experience, based on principles of continuous experimentation and adaptation, soon led us to devise and use a form of merging Scrum with Lean methodologies, and in particular with Kanban.

The purpose of this short paper is therefore to share the direct practical experience of teams led by me, in order to help others in their process of adopting agile methodologies.






45 minutes

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