Fix the process, not the problem

"Knowing something has worked for others and moving onto unfamiliar ground yourself can be very different things. Too much work, too many priorities and too little time - one of the most common pains why organisations start their transformation. While different methodologies have the promise of some hope of a better world, they are often overwhelming and seen as difficult in practice. Quite often teams are trying to start a new approach before even understanding the current way the entire company functions.

A system cannot understand itself. The transformation requires a view from outside. Is a lack of transparency in organisational processes a problem? This may seem a trivial question. I would like to talk about impacts that may have on a company and share my experience of visualising a complex environment in various organisations. The output can help to identify company's global processes, communication between departments, requirements to metrics and common process improvements on a company level.

The outline is:
- Benefits of the processes visualization in an organization
- How to synchronize teams, get all departments at the same page and understand the responsibility
- How to start: build a Process Map step-by-step at the Process Visualization workshop (phases, people, timing)






45 minutes


Non available yet.

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