Fifty shades of fail – a lean perspective on success & failure

"In an ever-faster-moving environment, lean and agile principles help us deal with risks and unknowns by focusing on eliminating waste, validated learning, deferring decisions, responding to change. But even when we fail to apply them, we might sometimes achieve some level of “success” nonetheless.

But what does “success” actually mean? Can we really appreciate the importance of agility, of an exploratory approach, of validating ideas as we go, without defining what success (and hence failure) does looks like?

Going from a personal experience developing an innovative service for a primary european telecommunications company, where we failed to apply lean and agile principles, I’d like to explore the idea of success and how a project can be completed on time, on scope and on budget and win the hearts of customers, and still be a (bad) failure when we consider what could have been."






30 minutes



Non available yet.

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