Demo Driven Product Development - Think It As A Story !

"The major learning I had as an ""Agile Product Development Helper"" is that Product Demo, as a criteria of achieved value, is a Test-Driven Enabler for user needs understanding via a vivid reflection of the ""Way Our Brain Works"". And respond

Our brain infers the informations it receives and builds patterns for fast decision. We love thinking concepts. In the same time, our same brain need concrete data to focus attention and decide. This is one key contradictions of human mind and the source of many mistakes we make. Demos, as experiments built on examples meet our needs of concreteness.

If you come to the “Demo-Driven Development” workshop, you will experience how thinking “Agile Incremental Product” as a “Serial Experiment” can hook product’s users and stakeholders mind. The workshop is organized in 4 phases and uses storytelling techniques At each phase a neuroscience perspective of each “Test-Driven Activity” will be highlighted.

The workshop will be organized in groups of 6–8 participants.

Phase 1: introduce neuroscience, some of our day-to-day cognitive pitfalls, and why storytelling may help us avoid them (15 min)
Phase 2: present the product create the storyboard of the product: use presented storytelling techniques
Phase 3: 1 iteration of product incremental definition: define what-to-demo scenarios for the next iteration and the tests to succeed that demo, in a screenplaying way. For “Demo-Production” the different expertises ( Product Owner, testers, developers) will define their level of requirements and tasks as in a movie production team
Phase 4: wrap-up and conclusion "






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