Bringing Agility to an organisation: a matter of viewpoints

The consensus view on Agility is that Agile principles and values can be applied to any organisation; however the way they are introduced and transferred can differ, depending on the different contexts.

In order to understand the actions to be taken and to define the adoption roadmap, in-depth discussions and evaluations are needed. Furthermore, those discussions have to involve all the people that will take part in the process: from those who introduce Agility (coaches, advisors etc.) to all the people in the organisation that will adopt Agile principles, values, methodology and tools.

This practical and engaging workshop will be a simulation of how an Agile adoption process starts and evolves in a common organisational scenario, with all its discussions, analyses and evaluations. We will take a look at what Agile is and how to put it into practice, considering different viewpoints: the Agile Expert’s viewpoint, the internal Decision Maker’s viewpoint, and the viewpoints of all the personnel in the organisation that will be involved in the transition process.







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