Behavioural Challenges in Adopting Lean Culture

Shifting from Traditional Command & Control to Lean Culture needs a huge Mindset change. Many organizations have initiated adoption of Agile/Lean are largely focused on implementing ceremonies and practices, and changing team behaviours. However, Managers and Leaders continuing with their traditional behaviours is a huge drag on getting the benefits of Agile/Lean Adoption.

The issue is many times that Managers and Leaders are not even aware that some of their behaviours are anti-Agile/Lean. Moreover, even if they are aware, they may find excuses to not change those behaviours.

This talk is intended to make Manages and Leaders not only aware of such behaviours but also educate them on why these behaviours inhibit adoption of Lean Culture. The talk does not stop at this, but offers practical advice on what Managers and Leaders can change in order to embrace the adoption of Lean Culture.







25 minutes



Non available yet.

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