Agile, Lean Startup and Market-Driven. How to understand customers' needs for products that sell

"Our business is creating software products. We know that Value means providing Benefits to the customers
We got a new, great idea, a vision for a new product that we believe it will be a groundbreaking innovation. We have a very well working and well-managed Agile methodology in place since 2003.
Our team is composed of very smart people who work very well together in a self-directed manner.

We have built an d shipped our product. Several times. We have tweaked functionalities and fixed bugs. Everything works as intended

However, the conclusion we have to draw is always the same…Our intended customers don’t like our product. They simply won’t buy it. "
Using Eric Ries’ words, we have well executed a plan to achieve failure."


Because we did not know what our customers wanted. Or, worse, what they actually needed. We did not know who our customers were precisely supposed to be.

This talk is aimed to inspire product organizations - Agile/Lean or otherwise organized teams - to connect to the business. In other words, market-driven. I feel that despite the fantastic growth of Agile, there is often still a gap between successfully building software and commercial success in the market. It's beyond the "MVP". Pragmatic methodologies and real examples will be used.

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