Raffaele Boiano

Raffaele Boiano

UX Director

I’ve a Master’s Degree in Communication, majoring Anthropology (summa cum laude). I have a strong interest in people and how they make decisions. I love to blend research methods and create smart environments putting together clients, colleagues and users: I’m an outgoing person who enjoys exploring the details of people and their emotions. I love crafting and telling stories: complex information achitectures, data visualizations, interactive infographics, comics and performances are forms of storytelling. I'm a developer too (only child with a PC as a brother = geek childhood).

For the past 5 years I’ve been working as UX Director, making sure that all the aspects of our touchpoints (channel strategy, look&feel, interaction flow and content) are learnable, usable, useful, and fun. I’m a passionate advocate for our users both externally and internally: I love to demonstrate how this leads to business value.

As a volunteer for human rights, I have collected life stories to raise awareness of violations of these rights and performed storytelling for a variety of audiences. These activities helped me to improve my skills in public speaking, organizing events and taking responsibility for managing an activity program.


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