Mark Boas

Mark Boas


Mark is a developer who likes nothing better than to tinker with the latest web technologies.

Having worked for large banks and pharmaceuticals, he is now paying his penance by participating in various open source projects, promoting the open web and working with non-profit organisations.

He is passionate about all things audio and is especially interested in the part media will play in the future of the web.

Involved in the local web development scene, he helps organise Designers and Developers Day in Florence, Italy. On the side, Mark plays about with start-up ideas. One of these days he will launch one, honest.

Mark develops at Happyworm Ltd, is the project co-ordinator of jPlayer (a JavaScript Media Library), he's a W3C Audio Incubator Group Invited Expert and contributing author.

Tweeting as @maboa his longer ramblings can be found at


  • Happyworm Ltd

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